Beer or should I say Cerveza



IndioIndio is one of my favourite beers here in Mexico.It is a darker beer however does not have the body one would expect.

Like most Mexican beers it has a slightly watery after taste, however this point aside, Indio makes for a perfect accompaniment to most if not all Mexican dishes.

If found in a restaurant or bar expect to pay around Mex$25-35, on the other hand the local supermarket or connivence store generally sells a 12 pack for around Mex$90.

All in all, Indio makes for a fantastic beer and is great value for money.

I give it a 4 out of 5.

3 Responses to “Beer or should I say Cerveza”

  1. 1 lianamerlo

    What a great idea for a blog! You should go to Belgium next, they have some amazing, crazy flavors of beer.

  2. If you’re paying that much in a restaurant or bar for an Indio cerveza, you are paying too much.

    You can get 6 packs of Indio very cheaply at OXXO convenience stores. It’s often on special.

    For a better dark brew, try some Negra Modelo. For a clara cerveza, check out Victoria. I’m having one now.

    Don Cuevas

    • I was just giving a rounded average for the price.

      Negro Modelo and Victoria are coming up as I am going to be doing a beer of the week.

      This week is Sol.

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