Restaurant of the Week


Sanborns – Casa de los Azulejos


I don’t really intent on writing about chain restaurants as I find them very unappealing. This particular venue however is worthy of an exception.

Sanborns was founded in 1903 by Californian immigrants Walter and Frank Sanborn. A walk around Mexico will show you just how dominant this particular chain is.

The most famous of there Cafes is located in Centro Historico in a building known as “Casa de los Azulejos” (House of Tiles).

Sanborns2 The house itself was built in the early 1700’s and is covered on the outside facades by Puebla tiles. Located a short walk from the Zocolo on Francisco Madero the building is hard to miss, and the first time you pass it, you will find it very difficult not to stop and admire.

Inside it is nothing short of stunning.

Sanborns3After making your way through the department store to the heart of the building, you will find your self under the high cieling of the cafe, surrounded by beautiful muerls.

I am not going to write a great deal about the food as it is a chain restaurant. The price are reasonable and the quality adequate.

The fact that it is a chain aside I would definitely recommend a visit, if your time in Mexico is limited I would suggest lunch as there are far better places to eat.

Go grab a coffee and remember to take your camera. You will want to tell your friends about this place.



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