Located in the Mexican State of Guerrero, Zihuatanejo sits on the Pacific Coast about 240 kilometres northwest of Acapulco.

Our trip to Zihuatanejo began with a bus trip from Mexico City that lasted around nine hours. We travelled with the bus line Estrella de Oro and I found the ride very pleasant , the bus was extremely well kept and luckily for us, mostly empty. They played movies for us on the way there, the only problem being that hay were over-dubbed in Spanish, but the trusty iPhone was there for me. I also find lengthy bus rides as a good way to catch up on some reading.

We arrived in Zihuatanejo around 4am and we were lucky enough that the hostel we booked let us in and allowed us to sleep on couches in the lobby until our room was ready. The place we stayed is called “Angela’s Hotel and Hostel” and I found it to be quite good value for money, even with the room to ourselves. The hostel is located within a 5 – 10min walk form Playa Madera (Madera Beach).

On the beach there is a wide variety of restaurants and bars to eat or drink. My favourite place to enjoy the beach is “M.J Richie’s” situated on the sand with largest palm fron shades over the table and chair settings.

The sun and sand is up there with some of the most beautiful beaches I have been to. I must admit the larger resorts are somewhat of an eyesore and diminish the overall aesthetic of the surroundings. As with much of Mexico there is a large police presence, it is not uncommon to see police armed with automatic weapons patrolling the beaches.

If your lucky enough to visit Zihuatanejo ensure you make your way to the beach at sunset, as watching the sun falling behind the mountains throwing a pinkish, orange hue over the beach is nothing short of breathtaking.

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For more pictures of Zihuatanejo visit:

Christophers Zihuatanejo Flickr

3 Responses to “Zihuatanejo”

  1. You seem to be living the hard life.

  2. This is an awesome entry about Zihuatanejo. I’ve been a Zihuatanejo transplant since 1990, and I love to read entries as yours.

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