Beer of the Week


Sol – Clara

Country – Mexico

Alcohol % – 4.5%

Sol is another Mexican beer, its made by the same brewery as the previously reviewed, Indio. I have this beer on a high rotation in my purchasing. It has a very light taste and is easily knocked back on a warm afternoon.

I enjoy a quick squirt of lime into the bottle to give the brew a refreshing citrus aftertaste. Many people in Mexico will also add salt to the beer, I however do not enjoy the flavour so I stick to the lime only.

In Mexico City you will find Sol at most establishments ands will run you around 20-30 pesos for a bottle. If you are purchasing from a supermarket or convenience store expect to pay 44 pesos for a six pack or around 80 pesos for a twelve pack.

Sol is an excellent beer and I would highly recommend it, especially on a nice summers day.

I give it a 4 out of 5.

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4 Responses to “Beer of the Week”

  1. Loock’s GREAT ! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the comment. When I heard first heard about the story, I did not know what to say. I did not this would ever exist.

  3. You have beautiful photography on your blog–very talented indeed. Enjoy your beer!

  4. 4 seveneachday

    Hi Christopher,

    We have Sol here in New Zealand and it is indeed a very nice beer. agreed with the lime, Sol without lime is a tragedy.

    I do hope that sometime you can come to New Zealand and try some of our beers, particularly from our vineyards. Wild on Waiheke is a vineyard that makes its own wines and beers, i enjoy the beeer so much that the day before my 21st will consist of travelling to Wild on Waiheke, laser pigeon shooting (like clay pigeon shooting but with laser guns and special ‘pigeons’), archery (both on the vineyard itself), and then buying alot of beer and making the 800km trip to my home town to party it up with my friends.

    The interesting thing about the beer at Wild on Waiheke is that because it is actually PURE, with no preservatives but the naturals, you have to keep it cold or it will go off. one day in a cupboard and poof, your beer tastes like crap. I must say though, the sacrifice is worth it.

    I would encourage anyone coming to NEw Zealand and visiting Auckland to take the time out to visit.

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