The city of Puebla is located in the state of Puebla and is slightly over 110 kilometres southeast of Mexico City.

Puebla was founded on April 16, 1531 and currently has a population of 1,485,941. The metropolitan area of the city extends over 10 municipalities of the state including the city of Cholula.

The city is located in the “Valley of Puebla”, surrounded by volcanoes and snow-capped mountains and is one of the oldest colonial cities in the continent.

As with many Mexican cities the layout surrounds a centre referred to as the Zocalo. Unlike the Zocalo of Mexico City, Puebla’s centre has many trees and is surrounded on three sides by various eateries.

At the south side of the Zocalo is the magnificent Puebla Cathedral. Dedicated to the immaculate conception the current bishop is Rosendo Huesca. On April 18,1649, the temple was consecrated in honor of the Virgin Mary. It has the largest bell towers in all of Mexico.

If staying in Mexico I would certainly suggest a trip to Puebla for a few days, and if you do, I would certainly suggest a day trip to Cholula. (Stay tuned for more on Cholula)

4 Responses to “Puebla”

  1. Beautiful photos! amazing quality, really like the focus of the first one 🙂

    ah and to answer your question… farmville is a facebook application, a bit like sims just farmlike more info @ http://farmville.com/

  2. This is amazing. Nice contrast of shades here. I’m a photography noob but I took up photography in college. Hee.

    And that’s a very nice place too! It strikes me as a very romantic place.

  3. Hey dude! I was referred here on LP’s TT forums. Very nice shots. I love the use of BW on the farmacia shot. Looks gritty as hell.

    Nice one.

    Blakesjourney / TBD

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