Beer of The Week


Negro Modelo


Country: Mexico

Alcohol %: 5.3%

Negro Modelo is another Mexican beer brewed by Grupo Modelo . As the name would suggest it is a dark beer or as expressed in Mexico “Oscura”

This beer has much more body than the “Clara” lagers of Mexico and finishes with a medium to strong malt aftertaste.

The bottle itself summons a sense of grandeur, it is a stubbier bottle than most and is tinted dark with a golden foil sealing the opening.

I would suggest this beer to even the most picky of connoisseurs as its body carries well and finishes strong leaving you wanting for more.

My rating 4.5/5


4 Responses to “Beer of The Week”

  1. Where do you find this in the USA? World Market?

    I’ve tried to become “worldly” in my drinking habits…but so far the wine has always attracted me more than beer 🙂

    Maybe I’ll give this a go!

  2. I have been a pint of beer drinking woman for 37 years it’s a good hobbie to have, nice one xxx

  3. I remember the first time I had Modelo! The bottle was odd to me, but I enjoyed it a lot. I’m glad to see you featured it. However, Sol will always be my favorite Mexican beer 🙂

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