The Worlds Largest Pyramid, Cholula



Cholula is a city in the state of Puebla, located about 15km from the previously mentioned Puebla City.

Cholula was an impotent pre columbian city going back as far as the 2nd century BC.

The most famous feature in Cholula is  the Great Pyramid of Cholola which by volume is the largest pyramid in the world.


Construction of the pyramid complex begun in the 3rd Century BC and last until the 9th century AD. It was constructed in 4 stages built over what was already there.

As well as being the largest pyramid in the world it is also the largest man made monument. The Great Pyramid of Giza, Eygpt, is taller, but by volume it is a great deal smaller. The pyramid of Cholula has an estimated volume of 4.5 million m3 where as the Pyramid of Giza weighs in at around 2.5 million m3.

Underneath the pyramid archaeologists have uncovered almost 8km of tunnels which you are free to explore.

Atop the pyramid is the “Church of our lady Remedies” that was built by the the Spanish in colonial time about 1594.

The pyramid these days simply looks like a massive hill crowned with a church. The story goes that when the Spanish took Cholula the pyramid was unrecognisable and was mistaken as a hill and the Spanish contracted the church atop it. No-one knows the exact reason that the pyramid is so well covered. There are a few theories, the one I like to believe is, when the Aztecs heard of the Spanish invasion they covered the monument to prevent it being destroyed.


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