Best Tacos in Mexico


Al Trompito

Al Trompito

Miguel doing his thing

Out front of Al Trompito stands Miguel wielding his blade at the rotating meat that makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

Al Trompito is located at Londres #199 in the Zona Rosa of Mexico City. The restaurant is very basic, however when the clock hits 4pm there is rarely a vacant seat in the house.

The menu boasts most of the items you would expect from a taqueria in Mexico City, but today I’m talking tacos, the Tacos Pastor to be specific.

When dining I like to sit at the front of the restaurant so I can watch Miguel carve the meat for my dish.

One plate of three tacos Pastor cost 18pesos and the meat is so succulent that you will be back for more.


Tacos Pastor

Al Trompito

Al Trompito


2 Responses to “Best Tacos in Mexico”

  1. My mouth waters just looking at these pics. Succulent is an operative word. Taste description please!

    blakesjourney / tbd

  2. that looks amazing.

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