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Negro Modelo Country: Mexico Alcohol %: 5.3% Negro Modelo is another Mexican beer brewed by Grupo Modelo . As the name would suggest it is a dark beer or as expressed in Mexico “Oscura” This beer has much more body than the “Clara” lagers of Mexico and finishes with a medium to strong malt aftertaste. […]

Sol – Clara Country – Mexico Alcohol % – 4.5% Sol is another Mexican beer, its made by the same brewery as the previously reviewed, Indio. I have this beer on a high rotation in my purchasing. It has a very light taste and is easily knocked back on a warm afternoon. I enjoy a […]

Indio Indio is one of my favourite beers here in Mexico.It is a darker beer however does not have the body one would expect. Like most Mexican beers it has a slightly watery after taste, however this point aside, Indio makes for a perfect accompaniment to most if not all Mexican dishes. If found in […]