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Anyone who has been to Mexico City will have been down the Paseo de la Reforma. It is a 12 kilometre strip that is adorned on the side with statues and monuments. The most famous statue on Reforma is el Àngel, el Àngel is such a grand statue that it deserves a entry all on its own, so stay tuned for more on that.

This post is the first part of a multi part gallery of the sites of Paseo de la Reforma. So hit the link below to see the first part of the gallery, enjoy!

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Ventura Cafe – Zona Rosa


Positioned in the centre of Zona Rosa is this fantasic breakfast spot. Being on the corner of Hamburgo and Genova makes this place a top spot for a cheap breakfast as well as the perfect position for some people watching.

Although they do serve other meals, this spot has become a breakfast favourite for us, with the high quality of the food and reasonable prices. You can have mexican style breakfasts or for those who prefer a plain breakfast you can have pancakes, but don’t expect real maple syrup.

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The city of Puebla is located in the state of Puebla and is slightly over 110 kilometres southeast of Mexico City.

Puebla was founded on April 16, 1531 and currently has a population of 1,485,941. The metropolitan area of the city extends over 10 municipalities of the state including the city of Cholula.

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Chapultepec Zoo



Built in 1923 by Mexican biologist Alfonso Luis Herrera, the “Zoologico de Chapultepec” is the largest of four zoos near Mexico City.

We visited the zoo on a Sunday afternoon and were pleasantly suppressed when we found out that admission was free, however due to this the crowds make it difficult to get close to some of the displays.

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Sol – Clara

Country – Mexico

Alcohol % – 4.5%

Sol is another Mexican beer, its made by the same brewery as the previously reviewed, Indio. I have this beer on a high rotation in my purchasing. It has a very light taste and is easily knocked back on a warm afternoon.

I enjoy a quick squirt of lime into the bottle to give the brew a refreshing citrus aftertaste. Many people in Mexico will also add salt to the beer, I however do not enjoy the flavour so I stick to the lime only.

In Mexico City you will find Sol at most establishments ands will run you around 20-30 pesos for a bottle. If you are purchasing from a supermarket or convenience store expect to pay 44 pesos for a six pack or around 80 pesos for a twelve pack.

Sol is an excellent beer and I would highly recommend it, especially on a nice summers day.

I give it a 4 out of 5.

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