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Cholula is a city in the state of Puebla, located about 15km from the previously mentioned Puebla City. Cholula was an impotent pre columbian city going back as far as the 2nd century BC. The most famous feature in Cholula isĀ  the Great Pyramid of Cholola which by volume is the largest pyramid in the […]

Nikon D60 I was given this camera as a gift and it quickly became my prized possession. Shooting with the D60 is a great experience, its ease of use combined with the quality attainable makes this camera a perfect entry level DSLR. It boasts multiple shooting modes with various output qualities, I prefer to shoot […]



The city of Puebla is located in the state of Puebla and is slightly over 110 kilometres southeast of Mexico City. Puebla was founded on April 16, 1531 and currently has a population of 1,485,941. The metropolitan area of the city extends over 10 municipalities of the state including the city of Cholula.

Chapultepec Zoo


Built in 1923 by Mexican biologist Alfonso Luis Herrera, the “Zoologico de Chapultepec” is the largest of four zoos near Mexico City. We visited the zoo on a Sunday afternoon and were pleasantly suppressed when we found out that admission was free, however due to this the crowds make it difficult to get close to […]



Located in the Mexican State of Guerrero, Zihuatanejo sits on the Pacific Coast about 240 kilometres northwest of Acapulco. Our trip to Zihuatanejo began with a bus trip from Mexico City that lasted around nine hours. We travelled with the bus line Estrella de Oro and I found the ride very pleasant , the bus […]